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Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the most prominent personalities in the movie industry. His ideas and ideology have been extremely positive and welcoming among the other people in the entertainment field. He gained attention through his future-based business model that is considered to be the modern form of Monte Carlo. Starting with, he is the Principal of Proxima Media and Founder of Relativity Media, both contributing hugely to the movies and TV shows. His business interest came when he realized there was a big hole in the industry. He wanted to create a technologically updated environment where the movies could have enough finance. Thus, he focussed on Finance and Technology and started working on making the difference. According to him, commitment is the most important thing in life that brings all the creative ideas to practice.
About his works:
He gets his daily dose of motivation from meditating. It makes him more productive and keeps his mind fresh with future goals. As a producer, he has produced over 200 films which accumulated over $17 billion. All his movies have been an extreme blockbuster. All his efforts were put on to create the Marvel Studios which has become the popular house-hold name today. He also created the most popular video-on-demand streaming model which was initially booed by all the people. Today, his idea has proven everyone wrong with Netflix being the most used movie streaming option in the world. He is always on the forefront in any race to come up with cutting edge strategies and investments as an entrepreneur. His other contributions include philanthropy, where being an avid philanthropist; his donations and charities have helped in the development and provided hundreds of millions of dollars to various non-profit organizations.

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As a Volunteer:
For his volunteer work, Ryan Kavanaugh was recognized by Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre and Anti-Defamation League. In addition to this, he also acquired FreeHand in the year 2003, a firm that rescues homeless dogs. He was also the chairman of the Art of Elysian, an organization that helps children with medical conditions from the donations of artists and other famous personalities. He advises the young generation to never be selfish, and not to take any business decisions based on the emotions. It is important to make a business plan every month so that we can have the track of what is to be focussed on at the moment. Also, his major advice is for people to be real.

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