The Most Common Roles of a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer plays multiple roles in a criminal case. The lawyer is responsible for the defense of the individual charged with a crime. A criminal lawyer speaks on the client’s behalf.

Case Assignment

The defendant may call the criminal defense lawyer directly. The court may also assign him or her to the defendant. Many of these criminal lawyers are public defenders and employed under the public defender’s office. These are appointed to handle cases in the local, state, and federal courts. Some of them are employed by private law firms while some others practice lawyering independently. Public defenders are paid less compared to those hired by private firms. In some cases, the court may appoint a lawyer from a private law firm to handle a specific case.

Interview Regarding the Case

Once the criminal lawyer in Toronto gets to meet the client in person, the lawyer must gather as many details as necessary. By asking all the essential questions about the case, the lawyer will be able to know all the strengths and weaknesses of the case and all the possible defenses. This entails a thorough and cautious questioning on the part of the attorney.

Criminal Lawyer?

Case Investigation

Apart from asking questions about the case, the attorney must dig into the case to look for possible avenues of acquittal. Most of the time, this includes questioning the police about the procedures used that are relevant to the case. This may also involve talking to witnesses who hold valuable information about the case and collecting substantial information. This information will be useful in creating a strong defense for the case at hand. When an expert witness appears in court or is used in the case, the criminal lawyer may interview the witness about the testimony that he or she will provide the court  as well as the evidence that may be presented in court.

The criminal defense lawyer may review the prosecution’s case before submission to the jury. This enables the attorney to find any loopholes against the defendant. He or she may also find evidence that may refute the case. This may mean hiring an expert who will test the evidence.

Evidence Analysis

A criminal defense lawyer has to cautiously study the facts and theories that are relevant to the case. This is what analyzing the evidence is all about. The criminal lawyer may also have the evidence tested independently. Furthermore, examining the evidence means determining any legal theories that may go against the conviction of the defendant.

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