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You take many safety precautions when you’re hitting the road for a bike ride. From wearing an appropriate-fitting helmet to donning reflective gear like buy bike bells online. The bike bell is the unsung hero when it comes to cycling safety. There are a lot of stylish bells out there, yet bike bells are mainly for communication and protection while riding. Bells must be loud enough clearly to be heard, with styles and tones varying wildly. If you’re buying online, you have to listen to samples to ensure the tone works properly and isn’t either too jarring or too quiet.

Bike bells must be easily accessible and should attach securely to your handlebars without too much hand movement. You want to have an effective bell that will notify other people in time. Also, you don’t like to annoy other people’s users when requesting them to make way. There are a lot of options when it comes to bike bells.

Know what to consider when looking for the best bike bells

Price and durability

  • These two metrics are great considerations to make before buying your bike bell. Bells created for mountain bikes will be made of various materials. Regardless, of the type of riding you’re going to do, you’ll prefer your bell to last a lot of seasons without mechanical issues or sound failure. The ideal option is a great combination of reasonably durable and affordable.

Type of riding

  • Another great consideration is the type of riding you’ll be doing. City riders prefer a bell that has a distinguishable tone and can be heard over traffic. Rural bikers or mountain bikers will like a more rugged bell that can manage jarring rides and possible ground hits. Mountain biking bells mostly have lower tones that work great better in a trail setting.

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Position  and Size

  • Bike bells are usually easy to mount yourself and like to ensure the sound component is oriented in a way that you don’t need to shift your hand position around tricky areas or corners to use it.


  • Some bells are more mechanical and sleek which is different from the classic dome bell. Others have a more vintage or classic style that would suit well on a city street cruiser.

Check out the best bike bells online

Knog Oi Bike Bell

  • If you like your bike, you maybe want to buy some of the best bike gadgets and accessories in the market. You may need to get the most lightweight items and durable products.

 Crane Suzu Bike Bell

  • This bike bell has all the great features that commuter cyclists are looking for.

Lezyne Bike Bell

  • It is a spectacular bell for commuter cyclists who want attractive bike accessories.
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