Influence the World Through Meaningful Music

Music is universal; one can sing whenever and wherever it is. Every person can also make some music on their own. Write meaningful lyrics and pierce the heart of every listener. Use this as a medium to connect and give meaning to the life of every human being. Hamed Wardak loves peace so much that he uses his music to let everyone hear his perspective. He writes songs based on world peace, and many people believe that someday, each one of us will never encounter war but a world full of love. Music paves the way between emotions and what people want to say. Not all the time, people should use swords, guns, and tanks to have a hold of peace. No need for wasting blood and killing as there are a lot of ways to connect and find the peace one is seeking. Hamed used his music to be heard and to influence every listener; his lyrics stabbed the heart of the people.

The Great Wardak and his achievements

Hamed is a man of peace and a holder title. I graduated at some known school and is considered one of the smartest and kindest people there is. Also, he is an influence and a good singer. His music touched the heart of everyone, and in the early days, he influenced his fans by the meanings of his very own music piece.

Great Wardak and his achievements

Everyone can be a better person

Each one of the people in the world can be better, not for others but themselves. If one wants to start a change, then one can start within themselves. Have a better mindset and perspective in life. Have a goal, and do everything with your best. Lead a bountiful and good life. Hamed also experienced a downfall, but it never stopped him from moving forward and doing what he wants to do in life. He never stops dreaming about world peace; instead, he uses music to reach his goal. He writes lyrics based on his perspectives and what he believes in. Everyone can be like him. One can achieve something as long as they’ll put their minds to it.

An influencer of a brighter future

Influence teens or young ones so that they can be better in the future. They are the child of a bright tomorrow, so the right and clean mindset should be planted in their lives. Be that voice whom everyone can listen to. Be a man that brings meaningful and heart-piercing words.

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