What Is the Future of Driverless Cars?

The future is very bright for driverless cars. Experts say that they will undoubtedly revolutionalize the world and its transportation industry. The auto industry has come a long way. Over the years a lot of improvements have been recorded and technology has played a very important role in bringing the world to where it is currently in development. Over the years also, man had only been able to make cars that are steered by humans, but things are going to change a great deal; with the introduction of the driverless cars.

Many of the new cars being made today have so many automated features and this should show discerning minds that he world is tending towards a complete automation of the auto industry, which means the world will use more of driverless cars in the near future.  Good examples of automated features already being used in present day cars are collision detection and parking detention features.  Many more features are coming to light and there are great hopes that man will develop cars that come with advanced navigation capabilities requiring little or no human input.

Driverless cars come with what is called the automated driving system (ADS).  This system is not limited to cars, but can also be built into other kinds of automobiles, like vans and trucks.  These cars are sure to bring an incomparable change to the world of automobiles and also bring outstanding opportunities for all and sundry.

Levels of driverless cars

Levels of driverless cars

The levels of automation in cars are judged from 0 to 5; that is, on a six-tier scale. A car with no form of automation whatsoever is categorized as belonging to Level 0; on the other hand, a car with highest level of automation is categorized as belonging to Level 5. Driverless cars can be said to belong to Level 5.  This category of cars has to do with cars that can carry out every driving function and do not require any kind of human input.

Level 5 cars; that is, driverless cars, have what is called ADS, which is the acronym for Automated Driving System. The ADS system is highly advanced and the car is capable of carrying out every driving function in the car without requiring human input, irrespective of the weather or road condition. The cars may be automatically controlled, but they are also built to give the driver an option to manually control the car.

What driverless cars can currently do?

Many newly made cars now come with several machine-assisted and machine-corrective technologies, as mentioned earlier.  Some of these technologies include automated parking, potential collision detection, lane correction technology and so on.  Semi-autonomous driving features can be found in some cars already, like the recent cars made by the like of Audi and Tesla.

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