Does Color Affect the Value of Your Used Car?

The value of a used car is determined by several elements, which have a positive or negative influence on the sale or take-back price that can be expected. Do you want to sell your used Honda Fresno car and wonder if the color of its body has an impact on its sale price? We will answer your questions.

The Most Common Body Colors On the Automotive Market

In the automobile market, the three dominant colors are black, gray, and white. They are called the classic colors, and these are the ones that sell the most.

However, according to several studies, the majority of motorists believe that the color of a car is not the most determining criterion in the act of purchase and they tend to focus on the price of a car that interests them. Color remains an important criterion in the decision to buy a car, whether new or used.

The Importance of Vehicle Color

A study by the Accident Research Center at Monash University in Melbourne shows that out of 17 different car colors, a black car has 12% more risk of having an accident than a white car. Dark colored cars are the most likely to be involved in an accident. Color, therefore, represents an important element, if only for the safety of motorists as well as their passengers, since a low contrast with the visual elements can more easily be the cause of a road accident.

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The Impact of Color On the Resale Price of a Used Car

The slightly less ordinary colors such as red, blue, or even green do not necessarily have a significant impact on the resale price of used cars. Indeed, some motorists give it very little importance or seek to stand out from the crowd and do not hesitate to buy a car with more original color.

As for more extravagant colors like pink, yellow, or purple, as well as personalized or tuned cars, they can indeed contribute to a drop in the sale price.

Thus, it is clear that when you buy a Honda Fresno car, do not neglect its resale. A car with an unusual color is more difficult to sell than a car with a more ordinary color.

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