Why Consider Mainstream Colored Lenses?

The colored contact lenses are a very important part of the current fashion, and giving an amazing makeover to your whole look. The blue contacts lens gives the calm and relaxed appearance as well as are the fashion style, which is there to stay for long. They are the talk of town ever since the celebrity was seen wearing blue lenses that gave their brown eye color the different and stunning transformation.

If you are bored with the current look and want to experiment it with new style. Then blue lenses are an ideal choice for getting dreamy blue eyes that will transform your look completely. From icy blue or blueberry blue, this stylish and captivating shade do not fail to impress people. This exciting new colored lens available will definitely give you a new look that you have always dreamed.

Who Can Wear Them?

Anybody can choose to wear the colored lenses, even though they don’t require corrective lenses. To change the color of your eye is the fun way you can present yourself in a different way, or to make your eyes to stand out. The colored lenses are commonly seen for the theatrical purposes as well as for the events. The contacts allow people to get a bit creative as well as tone a different look, like vampire with the red eyes. Therefore, these lenses can be worn every day by an average person and for the special events too.

Blue Contacts

Visibility tint

They are usually the green or light blue tint added to the lens, which will help you to see it much better during the insertion, or when you drop them. Visibility tints are faint and don’t affect the eye colour.

Enhancement tint

It is one solid and translucent tint that is darker than the visibility tint. Like it name implies, the enhancement tint will enhance your eyes natural colour. Colored lenses with this kind of tint generally are good for the people who are having the light-colored eyes or want to make it more intense.

Opaque tint

It is the non-transparent tint, which will complete change the colour of your eye completely. Suppose you have the dark eyes, you will need this kind of the colour contact lens that will change the colour of your eye.

Colour contacts with the opaque tints generally come in various colors, which includes green, hazel, violet, blue, brown, amethyst, and gray. Costume and theatrical lenses fall in category of the opaque colour tints.

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